discover the art of happiness

Lovingly chosen art has the power to multiply happiness. Art Lovers Gallery desires to help you choose joyful art imbued with beautiful memories and positive energy.

We invite you to visit our Gallery to experience our display of artworks you’ll love for a lifetime. We feature artists, local and international, who express through their creations what we call “The Art of Happiness.”

Choose an icon of happiness as an artful memento of your Okanagan experience.

We specialize in helping our clients select art that serves a positive influence in their living spaces. From the artworks displayed, choose a piece that adds joy to your experience every day.  Gift another as a unique token that conveys a wish for happiness.

You’ll discover our family of talented artists.

We can also arrange for you to meet the artist of your choice and collaborate directly with them to create for you custom, personal artworks that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

Ken Heyman - Audrey Hepburn