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Art Lovers Artist - Carrol Spear

“I like to say that my art is infused with the energy of someone who is aware of being spiritually connected to this rugged landscape.”

Born in the Kootenays and raised in the Slocan Valley, Carrol Spear is now a long-time West Kelowna, BC resident. She enjoys creating abstract pieces by expressing an image within an image with her Indigenous art. She draws her inspiration from the pure joy of producing vivid colours and the spirituality of each piece.

Carrol Spear’s painting expresses the creativity of an artist whose life experience is shaped by the rugged mountains of Canada’s westernmost province, British Columbia. She was raised on a farm in the Slocan Valley along with 3 older brothers. Her family moved to the Okanagan Valley in the early 1960s, and settled near Penticton.  Her family traces their lineage back to eastern Europe.

Carrol Spear’s inspiration influences her radical style and is expressed through her technique in applying brush to canvas. The realism and expressionism in her art emerge at times as powerful symbols, and at other times as distorted images that catch the eye with bold colours and echo as images repeating within an image.

A self-taught artist, Carrol has captured the world through her art since she was a young girl. Her creative abilities reveal modern and indigenous influences. Her repertoire extends to the erotic arts; her “Blue Lady” was published in Raw Whispers in 2009. Her “Calmness in Beauty” is on display at Youth Centers throughou the region. “I am inspired to continue with my painting journey to share with you the vibrancy and spirituality that each colourful painting brings to you.”

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