the up project

Nothing adds statement to a room more than a piece of history. The UP Project specializes in repair or refurbishing of vintage and antique pieces to give extended life with new purpose.

each piece tells a different story

We view it as an privilege to add some love to the craftsmanship of artisans from past generations. Our custom pieces arrive in many states of wear or neglect and while our creative team finds new ideas there are some pieces that defy us to change it from what it once was as a statement piece of honor in a home.

So yes, The UP Project carries a large inventory of vintage and antique pieces that are waiting patiently to once again add grace to a new space.

about lisa marie…

A creative person leading a creative initiative.

The UP Project harbours the talent and passion of our Creative Director Lisa-Marie. After many years of operating her own very successful upcycling business(I’m Board Rustic Creations) Lisa Marie now invests her energy into The UP Project leading our team. With an energy and drive to ensure success, Lisa-Marie’s creative eye combined with hands on experience in custom furnishings, refinishing and production offers The UP Project a unique perspective to establish itself as a leader in a competitive marketplace. You may find Lisa-Marie all over town engaging in our community but you will always find her in the studio doing what she loves and testing her own innovative ideas.

Lisa Marie - The Up Project